Best iPhone Charger

Best iPhone Charger it’s hard to find the best iPhone charger. But luckily, there are some options on the market. Here, we’ve reviewed the MagSafe charger, Twelve South’s PlugBug Slim, and Anker’s Wally Mini. We also took a look at YUNSONG’s iPhone charger. Best iPhone Charger take a look! Let us know which charger you like best! Best iPhone Charger you can also share your reviews in the comments section.

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MagSafe charger

If you have an iPhone, you may have already heard of MagSafe, Apple’s proprietary wireless power transfer and accessory attachment standard. This new standard is expected to launch with the iPhone 12 Pro series, which was announced on 13 October 2020. Until then, though, you can still use your old iPhone charger with MagSafe. Here’s how it works:

The MagSafe iPhone charger has a round, silver back and silver ring, and it fits flush against the table. The charging unit is secured to the iPhone 12 with magnets, so that it’s not likely to fall off your table. It resembles a larger Apple Watch 6 charger and is designed to clip onto your iPhone 12 while you’re using it. The MagSafe iPhone charger has a similar appearance to camera tripods, car docks, and wallets.

Twelve South’s PlugBug Slim

If you’ve been thinking about getting an iPhone/iPad wall charger but didn’t want to buy a bulky charger, Twelve South has a sleek new option for you: the PlugBug Slim. This ultra-thin USB-C wall charger is designed to keep your iPhone or iPad charged on the go. At only 0.67 inches thick, it fits nicely behind your furniture and has a white LED charge indicator. The sleek design is also printed with the TwelveSouth logo for easy identification.

The PlugBug Slim is a lightweight, portable iPhone charger with prongs that fold up. Its cable is hidden at the bottom, so it won’t interfere with other plugs. It also features an LED indicator so you can quickly see the power level of your device. You’ll love how the PlugBug Slim fits into your purse or pocket, and you’ll love how it helps you stay on schedule with your life.

Anker’s Wally Mini

When it comes to fast iPhone chargers, there are plenty of options available. The smallest option, the Wally Mini, is just a quarter of the size of an Apple 5W adapter. It also supports the Quick Charge and Power Delivery protocols. Whether you’re charging your iPhone with the Apple original cable, or a USB-C-to-Lightning cable, this portable adapter provides you with the power you need.

If you’re looking for a fast iPhone charger, the Nimble WALLY Mini may be the answer. With dual USB-A and USB-C ports, it provides a high-speed charge to charge your phone. Its housing is made from REPLAY(tm) certified recycled plastic. As a bonus, it supports 1% for the planet, a program that promotes environmental non-profits.

YUNSONG iPhone charger

The YUNSONG iPhone charger is a cheap and durable option compared to the Apple Lightning cable. It is highly resistant to tangles and features heat-resistant connectors. It is a good backup cable for your iPhone, but it does not meet Apple’s MFi certification, which leaves room for doubt over its quality and durability. It does not include an Apple warranty, so you will have to buy it separately.

The YUNSONG iPhone charger supports the fast charging features that Apple’s iPhones offer out of the box. With a charging speed of 3 or 4 gigahertz, the charger will quickly charge your iPhone. You can use it for other devices as well, allowing you to stay connected on the go. Besides charging your phone, it can also charge other USB-compatible devices. Therefore, this charger is perfect for business users and rideshare drivers.

Scosche BaseLynx Wireless Charging Pad

If you want to make your desk look more organized, consider purchasing the BaseLynx Wireless Charging Pad. Its components are quite large and take up a lot of desk space, but its convenience and speed are well worth the price. You can charge up to 12 devices at once with this product. It is also quite expensive, and Scosche should consider making alternatives that use USB-C ports.

The Scosche BaseLynx Wireless Charing Pad for iPhone comes in several colors. You can buy it separately, or get it in an Apple store bundle. Each one has a five-foot AC power cord, so you can connect them together to create a single cord. This charging pad is compatible with all iOS devices since the iPhone 8 and has a raised circle in the center that you must center your iPhone on.