How to Clean Clear Phone Cases? ** 2021

How to clean clear phone cases that turned yellow? If your phone’s screen has developed a yellowish tinge from too much screen glare then you need to know how to clean it properly. How to clean clear phone cases If left in the device for a long time, a yellow tint can develop. Read this how to clean a clear phone case that turned yellow and learn how to prevent such a situation from developing in the future.

How to Clean a Clear Phone Case that Turned Yellow?

How to Clean a Clear Phone Case that Turned Yellow? before you begin scrubbing away the dirt and grime from your phone’s housing, make sure the case is completely dry. You should not have to struggle with the case while it is wet since that can lead to having dirty hands and possibly damaging the screen. The screen will also be very slippery if it is wet, so make sure all the water has been dried out.

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One of the best methods of how to clean a clear phone case that turned yellow is to use rubbing alcohol or a mild soap solution. These products are non-abrasive and gentle on any surface. However, you do not want to use anything with oils in it as it could cause the case to turn yellow quicker than you think. Some of these soaps are also very harsh on leather so it is important to make sure you read the labels carefully before purchasing them.

How to Clean Your Clear Phone Case?

How to clean your clear phone case, Another step in cleaning a case that has yellowed is to use a cloth with coarse grains. This will loosen up any debris or dirt that is stuck within the screen or has become wedged there. After using a rag or a grained cloth, you should rinse it off very well to ensure you have removed all residue or dirt. You may need to repeat this step a few times to make sure all parts are fully cleaned.

Next, you should place the case into a bowl of warm water and add a small amount of dish detergent. Ensure that the case is completely covered by the cloth. Next, pour in one cup of vinegar and mix it together. This will help to dissolve the hard water deposits that have sunk into the case and make the surface easier to clean. Use the clean towel to scrub the case until it is completely free from any residue or dirt and moisture.

Using a wet cotton cloth, dab your fingers over the inside of the case and leave it for five minutes. Then, remove the towel and rinse off the screen with plain water. Do this procedure as many times as needed until all the water is removed. Make sure that there is no residual moisture left on the case as that could cause the case to yellow faster. If yellowing continues, take the case to be professionally cleaned by a service professional who specializes in restoring Apple iPhone cases. If the yellowing occurs due to water exposure, you should consider purchasing an iPhone case that comes with water-resistant features.

In order to get the most out of your case’s warranty, you should perform preventative maintenance. While your warranty will provide you with step-by-step instructions, you should also know how to clean clear cases. One of the best methods is to simply wipe away any excess moisture with a soft dry wipe. The wipe should be used on a regular basis to ensure that your phone’s finish stays pristine.

How to clean a Clear Phone Case that Turned Brown?

How to clean a clear phone case that turned brown is LCD screen is the main part of your iPhone and the reason it receives the most abuse. When your case becomes yellowed, it can lead to screen cracks which can make you uncomfortable when using your phone. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that you can take to remedy the situation. First, if your iPhone has been sitting for an extended period of time, it is important to remove it from your pocket or bag before performing the above-mentioned maintenance steps. Next, if you notice that the screen is already yellowed, you should purchase a screen protector to cover the entire touch-sensitive surface.